$60 minimum on tattoos!



Guest Artist- Rick Rosas

Hey everyone, this weekend one of my oldest friends is visiting and will be here at work ready to lay some ink down. Rick Rosas is a super cool dude and very talented. Come show him some love, or maybe just some money and he will put ink in your skin! He’ll be here Friday the 6th through Tuesday the 10th!

You can see more of his work or contact him directly on fb (Tattoos by Rick Rosas) or Instagram @Rick.Rosas.Art



Hey everyone, I wanna say thank you to everyone who has come in to see the new place and a BIG thanks to all who have gotten some work done!  I could never have imagined recouping from the move as quickly as I did.  This new location was an instant success and I really just wanna say thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  I have the most awesome customer base and I am truly grateful to you all!  Alot of people have asked me again and again why did we decide to move?  Alot went into the decision but mainly I just saw an opportunity to provide a better, more comfortable environment for my customers, with better parking and really it's just an upgrade all around.  My I-35 location wasn't pretty to look at but it was like home to me and I grew there quite a bit. I will always treasure the memories and I truly appreciate all the friends and clients I gained over the years through my business there. It was really tough to let it go but I am so excited for the future of my business and I look forward to continued service for all your tattoo/piercing needs.  Customer service has always been my biggest priority and I always strive to make sure we are offering you the best.  There are many great tattoo shops in the DFW and some really awesome ones right here in Lewisville and I appreciate those of you for choosing us and I look forward to working with you ALL!  Thanks again, and feel free to drop by anytime, even if just to check the place out.  Have a great day!